Stop Hiding From Your Finances, Feel Good About Money and Be Confident In Your Ability To Make Your Own Financial Decisions When Managing Your Money

We went from living $120k in debt, living paycheck to paycheck despite earning good money - to debt free, buying our own home, understanding our money and being financially confident in less than 3 years - and we earn less money now than we did 3 years ago!  

For as long as I can remember, we lived paycheck to paycheck. Growing up, that's what was normal in my family. So when I got my first job at 14, that's what I started doing. Spending all my money. After all, I earned it, so I deserved to spend it. Right? 

Over the years my jobs changed, I landed a fairly high paying job and I was STILL living paycheck to paycheck. But that's normal... right?  

Then my world was really shaken up... I had a baby in NICU, I got divorced, my paid maternity leave was running out really fast, and going back to work during childcare hours meant I was only going to be earning 1/3 of what I was earning before.  

Over the next year, I had legal bills building up, my (now) husband and I had leftover debts from our previous marriages, and we had to restart our lives. The bills felt like they were drowning us. I knew it needed to change.  

3 years later, we had paid off over $120k in debt, had an emergency fund in the bank and we were debt free. For the first time in my adult life, I was debt free. It was amazing. It is amazing. But we still had financial goals we wanted to achieve and we were addicted to this money stuff - we love personal finance now.  

Instead of getting nervous every time a bill arrives in the mail, we smile because we know we have the money to pay for it.  

Now we are able to do the things we've always wanted to do. One of the things that makes me so happy was while out for lunch with my parents, my brother and his fiancé, I snuck off and paid for everyone's lunch. That, to me, is just magical.  

And, in one of my most 'it will be okay' moments, we put a contract on a house with $0 in savings, and 60 days to come up with $18,000. And guess what? We did it.  

All because we understand our finances and we are confident in our ability to make financial decisions.  

We are now renovating our house, and smashing through our financial goals without having to live on ramen and rice, and without having to work 5 jobs to pay for it all (oh, and we work part-time at our jobs now too...).  

We are earning LESS now than when we were in mounds of debt, and living with MORE.  

It might sound insane, but we have been in the exact same seat as you are right now. We have been counting our change and scraping together just enough money for groceries, we’ve had panic attacks over bills coming in and we’ve avoided going places because we couldn’t afford the gas to get there.  

I get it.  

The biggest problem was that we just didn’t know where to start.  

It was like a rollercoaster we wanted to get off, but didn’t know how to hit the ‘emergency stop’ button.  

It felt like it was never going to end. We couldn’t see how on earth we were going to start enjoying money again.

But bit by bit, slowly, we pieced together how to make it work. It wasn’t fast, it was a few dollars here and there to begin, but once we started we were unstoppable.  

Now we are sharing how we did it with you, so you don’t have to go through all the processes we went through just to make it work.  

I will never forget what it felt like to make that last payment off our credit card and close the account... We were finally debt free. And I want you to feel it too. 

Cate is a founding member of the Smart Sexy Finance Bootcamp and saved $1305 in her first month by following the Bootcamp structure! 

Your traditional budgeting system is failing you... and it's not your fault...

Have you tried all the budgeting methods out there, only to find they are impossible to stick with, or that they just don’t suit you?  

Perhaps you feel like budgeting isn’t for you, and that you’re ‘doomed’ to live pay check to pay check.  

When you understand your finances, and you are confident with your money, you’ll realise why the traditional budget system fails you.  

Let me ask you a question...  

How many times have you created a budget?  

Now, let me ask you this:  

How many times has that budget failed?  

I'm not saying this to make you feel like you suck at budgeting, or like you can't manage your money. I'm saying this because traditional budgeting methods set you up to fail.  

If we go with the conventional budget - we write out a list of all of the expenses we have (usually grouped together) and we put a budgeted amount next to them of what we want to spend or what we are told we should spend.  

Sometimes this is based on a budgeting template that tells you how much of a percentage of your income you should spend on what. For example, it may say you should spend 10% of your budget on food, 5% on fun, 30% on housing...  

Now, this can be a good guide if you have no idea where to start, BUT this kind of budgeting sets you up to fail. And here's why:  

It does not take into account your individual needs, and it does not teach you how to make informed and confident financial decisions.  

Let's look at this as an example:  

Amy is a massive foodie and absolutely loves to cook. She hosts dinner parties for her friends, rarely goes out to 'party' as she'd prefer to be cooking. She uses mostly organic, healthy food, which is easy for her to find as she lives in a big city. She's still paying off her student loans and has additional expenses that come along with living in the city including an expensive commute to work each day.  

Amy earns a salary of $80,000 a year (the average income in Australia is around $75,000 a year) and brings home $1115 a week after taxes.  

According to the rule of percentages, she should only be spending $115 a week on food. For some, this may seem like more than enough, but for Amy, she would usually spend double this (plus groceries in Australia are pretty darn expensive).  

So what choices does she have?  

She can cut her food budget back to keep in line with the budgeting rules, or she can give up and forget about her budget...  


She can learn how to create a budget for herself, that fits her own lifestyle and loves, and that she is confident will help her reach her financial goals.

Our lives have completely changed from the days when we would countdown until our next paycheck... 

Since we started understanding our money and being more confident in our financial decisions…  

  • We don’t fear going on holidays because we aren’t sure if we can afford it.  
  • We aren’t worried about when our bills are coming in because we know they’re paid on autopilot.  
  • We work less hours because we know how to make our money work for us, instead of simply working for our money.  
  • We go out for family lunches, enjoy the expensive cuts of meat and have been renovating our house… all while sticking to a budget that has been created just for us.

But before I share with you more about the Smart Sexy Finance Bootcamp, and how we were able to do all of this, let me share some of the mistakes you are probably making (I know… because they were the ones we were making too…)

5 Common Mistakes You're Probably Making With Your Finances

1 - You don’t know how much money you’ve got coming in and going out.  

The ‘head in the sand’ approach is simply not going to work if you want to build confidence in your finances and achieve your financial goals.  

2 - You don’t know or understand your money mindset.  

You have a money mindset. Whether you realise you do or not is a different story. Money mindset plays a massive role in how we manage our finances, and chances are, if you’re worried about money, you’re not in control of your money mindset. 

3 - You don’t have financial goals, and if you do, they’re not working for you.  

Did you know financial goals are more than just simply ‘I want to pay off all my debts’, or ‘I want to save for a downpayment on a house’. Financial goals take planning and require action plans, and they are part of your everyday life.  

4 - You’re using a one size fits all budget template.  

It’s kind of crazy to think that we should all fit into a single mould of a ‘one size fits all’ budget. Budgeting the same as everybody else is only going to set you up to fail. You deserve better than that. You deserve a budget that you’ve created because you understand your finances and you know how to manage them.  

5 - You avoid talking about money because it makes you feel uncomfortable.  

Do you quickly change the topic when money comes up? Perhaps you avoid people because they either talk about money or use money in ways that you don’t feel comfortable with. Maybe you avoid money talk in your relationships because it leads to arguments. Or even worse, you avoid being honest with yourself about money…  

Take a moment and imagine a life where you could...

> Check your mailbox everyday without fear of what bills were arriving because you know your bills are paid on time, on autopilot.  

> Go out to lunch with friends and order whatever you want off the menu because you know you can afford it.  

> Pay for your groceries without having to hold your breath when they swipe your card because you know it’s going to say ‘approved’.  

> Being able to talk confidently about your money, because you know exactly what is coming in, going out and where you stand financially.  

> Choose which financial goals you go after, because you know how to include them in your everyday life so you actually achieve them.  

> Create a budget for your money, that takes into account all the things you love, all of the things that are important to you and that you know will help you move towards achieving your financial goals.  

> Stop stressing about money, be able to say with confidence ‘I love money’ and know that you are in charge of your own financial situation.  


Smart Sexy Finance Bootcamp

Understanding Your Finances, Building Your Confidence and Feeling Good About Money In Just 4 Weeks

Take a look at what’s included in the Bootcamp: 

Week 1 - Finance Analysis  

Start the Bootcamp by outlining your intentions, work out what it is you want to achieve. Then we dive into your financial data by creating a simple way for you to analyse and organise it. Then help you perform a financial stocktake and determine your overall wealth. 

In Week 1 we lay the foundation for you to build your financial confidence. 

Week 2 - Money Mindset  

In Week 2 we start exploring your money mindset, finding out what yours is and how it has kept you where you are. We also discuss why you shouldn’t listen to your parents for financial advice and we learn the role forgiveness plays in your money mindset and how to break through your money blocks.

Week 3 - Setting Financial Goals  

This week is all about your Financial Goals, what they are and why it is so important for you to create them. We determine the difference between long term, short term, achievable and stretch goals (and why you need all of them). 

Most importantly, we teach you how to create an action plan to achieve your goals - step by step

Week 4 - Creating Your Own Budget  

We already know that a ‘one size fits all’ budget sets you up to fail, so this week we will teach you how you can create your own tailor made budget that suits you wants and needs. You’ll also learn how to set up your finances so they work on autopilot for you and how you can keep on top of your money in just a few minutes each week. 

And soooo much more....

I went into this bootcamp a little skeptical... I was 28, earning heaps of money and all I had to my name was a car and a heap of debt. Which almost shamed me, I didn't talk about it with my friends because surely they were better with their $$? Could this bootcamp teach me what I had clearly missed in my life until now? Why couldn't I get ahead? But I found myself pleasantly surprised.  

This bootcamp not only taught me how to manage my $$ well, but it has allowed me to let go of so many money blocks and negative feelings towards $ that I never even realised I had, which were holding me back. This wasn't just a generalised budget, it was a program that allowed me to do what works for me and to discover what that actually was.  

Now, I am so confident talking about $$, I feel so positive towards money and I never thought it possible. I track my money, I am on track to achieve my goals and for the first time ever I don't worry or stress over money week to week. It has given me the freedom and knowledge to know I can achieve all of my goals.

 - Steffie, Bootcamper

And as if that’s not enough… you’re also going to get… 

Bonus #1 - Your Guide To Saving Money On Food (Valued at $19, yours FREE)  

Food is by far one of the biggest expenses people face on a week to week basis. The challenge isn’t always about saving money on food (although it’s important), it’s more about how to save money on food and still eat well.  

In this guide you’ll learn how to save money on food while still maintaining a social life (if that’s important to you), how to make saving money on food easier for you and how to still eat amazing, healthy and delicious food while doing it.  

Bonus #2 - Private Facebook Group (Valued at $25/mo, yours FREE)  

In this group, exclusively for those in the Bootcamp, you will have access to asking questions, and getting one on one time with me (not a personal assistant).  

You can also chat with other members who have taken or are in the Bootcamp and develop ideas and strategies, get feedback and share your progress. 

Bonus #3 - Make Money Decluttering eBook (Valued at $19, yours FREE)  

Need some extra cash to boost your finances but not sure how to get it? Learn how I earned over $2000 in one month from decluttering and how you can do it too.  

Filled with real examples, templates and tracking sheets, this eBook could be worth a small fortune to you! 

Bonus #4 - Interactive Budgeting Spreadsheet Templates (Valued at $15, yours FREE)  

I know, I know… there are so many people who are in love with the digital age and just loathe pen and paper budgets. That’s why I created this interactive budgeting spreadsheet for you.  

Not only will it help you calculate your expenses so you can put them on autopilot, but it will also help you track your budget and help you calculate your overall wealth, all in just a few minutes!  

All the hard work is done for you! You just need to fill in your numbers and it’s done.

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After completing the Smart Sexy Finance Bootcamp, all I can say is... wow!!! The impact on my finances physically and emotionally is beyond amazing. Never before have I been so comfortable and certain withere where I am heading financially thanks to this Bootcamp. 

Krystal, your knowledge and guidance through the handouts and Facebook group have been so helpful. 

Thank you so so much xxx

 Nicole, Bootcamper

Not quite sure? Need a guarantee?

Feel better about your finances, or your money back. If you go through the Bootcamp and implement the strategies and you don’t feel any improvement in how you feel about your finances, then we will gladly give you a full refund. All you need to do is show us that you’ve completed the activities in the Bootcamp and give us a few details as to why you don’t feel it has worked for you.  

Who Is The Smart Sexy Finance Bootcamp For?  

  • People who are sick of feeling like they will never get out of debt.  

We know that feeling all too well. Like it’s just never going to end. But it can, and it will, if you know how to and put in the effort. You need the combo of know how + effort and you can do it.  

  • People who want to learn more about their finances but don’t know where to start.  

It’s frustrating when you see so much information online and everyone has a different theory or idea and you just don’t even know where to start. This is for you. We don’t start with a budget for a reason… because there’s so much more you need to understand before that. That’s why this works. It’s a step by step process and it is highly effective.  

  • People who know there’s a better way to manage their money, they just don’t know how.  

You know you should be in control of your money, but how? You’ve tried budgeting and it doesn’t work (we know why…). There is a better way and we have it for you. Our step by step process will guide you through, show you how you can be more confident in your finances and help you manage your money in a way that works for you.  

  • People who want to achieve their financial goals.  

Sick of saying ‘one day I will…’ or ‘when I win the lotto, I will…’. You don’t need to win the lotto to achieve your financial dreams. You can do it now. Stop living a reactive life and start taking action - move towards your financial goals every single day.  

  • Busy people.  

As much as I love money, I don’t want to spend all day working on managing it. I’m not lazy, I’m smart. And I’ll show you how to be smart with managing your money too. This Bootcamp will show you how you can stay on top of your finances in just a few minutes each week. Because sometimes, ‘busy’ doesn’t even come close to describing our days…  


Who Is The Smart Sexy Finance Bootcamp NOT For?  

  • People who want someone to do all the work for them.  

  Wouldn’t that be nice? But no… by signing up to this Bootcamp I am not going to do the work for you. I’m going to guide you, and give you all the resources, but there are just some things you have to do yourself. I cannot build your confidence for you. You’re going to have to get uncomfortable, put in the work and make it happen.  

  • People who want to get rich quick.  

You won’t buy this Bootcamp and all of a sudden find yourself a millionaire. That’s just not how money works, and if that’s what you want, then this course is not for you. It’s not about getting rich quick, it’s not about getting rich at all. It’s about being able to be confident and understand your finances so you can make decisions on how to achieve your financial goals.  

  • People who need cookie cutter templates.  

The reason why the Smart Sexy Finance Bootcamp works so well is because it’s NOT cookie cutter. It takes into account your needs, what you want and how you want to achieve it. If you’re looking for a plug and play template, or someone to tell you exactly how much of your money to save and spend, then this is not the program for you.  

Who is the crazy lady that runs this Bootcamp?

That would be me... I’m Krystal and I created the Smart Sexy Finance Bootcamp. I’m a wife to a super hot hubby, mother to two crazy and super cute kids, Paramedic, owner of multiple businesses and all round life lover.  

My husband and I were able to ‘semi-retire’ from our jobs as Paramedics, so we could spend more time at home with our kids and less time worrying about working. We love our jobs, which is why we still do it part time, but we needed to find a better balance. One that allowed us to still do what we loved, and spend more time with family.  

None of this would have been possible without being confident in our finances and our ability to manage our money on part time wages. It took a lot of convincing for my husband, he was set in his ways of ‘work until you retire’ - but once he saw the numbers and more importantly, understood the numbers he was convinced.  

It’s amazing what financial confidence can unlock in your life.  

Now I share our system with others so they too can create a life they love and achieve their financial goals - no matter what they are.  

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like we woke up one day and it all magically happened. It takes a bit of hard work and dedication, an openness to change and determination to succeed.  

Now it’s your turn. What financial goals do you have?  

Let’s go get them together…  

 - Krystal  

You've got questions? We've got answers...

Will This Work For Me?  

The Smart Sexy Finance Bootcamp system has been proven time and time again to work for people… but, here’s the thing: you need to put in the effort. You can just sign up and skip to week 4 and expect your budget to work. It just doesn’t happen.  

If you put in the effort, complete the activities and give this a real go, I am certain this will work for you. And, if you do all of these things and you say it didn’t work for you, then you can have a full-refund.  

What If I Don’t Earn A Lot Of Money?  

One thing I’ve noticed as Bootcampers have gone through this is that people who earn high incomes can be in just as much of a jumble as people who earn lower incomes. We have a tendency to spend what we earn, regardless of how much we earn. And we think that earning more money will magically make things better. But that’s not the case.  

If you don’t earn a lot of money, then you need to know how to manage your money just as much as someone who does.  

Financial confidence doesn’t come with a per annum pre-requisite. And there is no minimum income amount for you to earn in order to benefit from this Bootcamp.  

What If I’m In A Lot Of Debt?  

Then chances are, you need this Bootcamp. I know that feeling. Gosh I know it so well. Where you’re using one debt to pay off another and it’s this horrible cycle and you just don’t know how to make it stop.  

The only way to get out of debt, whether it’s a small amount or a large amount, is to face it, create a plan and take action. The dollar value doesn’t matter, it might just take you a little longer. But you need to have your financial confidence built up. You need to know how to manage your money. You need this Bootcamp.  

Do I Have To Pay Any Extra For Materials?  

Not at all. All of the information you need is provided in the Bootcamp Workbook. We do recommend programs to use, however these are free of charge and are only used to help you and enhance your Bootcamp experience. No additional materials are needed.  

Can I Access This On My Phone Or Tablet?  

Absolutely. The Bootcamp is delivered as a PDF workbook which you can access on any device that will read PDF. We recommend printing the workbook so you can fill it in as you go.  

You can also access our Facebook group on any device you can log in to Facebook on.  

Do I Have A Time Limit On This Bootcamp?  

Not at all. While we say the Bootcamp is 4 weeks, the reality is some people prefer to take things a little slower and work through it over 8 weeks, completing each section over the course of two weeks instead of one. That’s absolutely fine.  

You can also come back and revisit this Bootcamp as often as you’d like. You can reprint the workbook again and redo it all again if you feel you need to get things back on track. Or you can just revisit the modules you need to spend some extra time on.  

As a Bootcamp alumni you will always have access to the Bootcamp and its future revisions, ensuring you have the latest and most up to date Bootcamp resources.  

We do suggest, however, to take at least 4 weeks to complete the Bootcamp and not to rush it. This is not something that can be done in a day, or a week. It takes time. Trust the system.  

Can I Find This Information Online For Free?  

Maybe… but chances are you’ve tried and it hasn’t worked for you. You could spend hours and hours trying to piece it all together, bits of advice from all over the place. But why? It just creates chaos.  

Most of the information you find online is fragmented. It’s bits and pieces here and there, never a complete system. That’s just the nature of how blogging and online articles work.  

The Smart Sexy Finance Bootcamp has been created to be completed systematically, you don’t jump around. Each week is designed to be a foundation for the next and to be built up from each other.  

Is My Credit Card Secure?  

All transactions are processed through SendOwl, and credit card transactions are through Stripe. You can read more about their privacy policy here. We do not store any credit card details, nor do we share your purchase information with any third party service or sell your information to any company.  

We take security very seriously, which is why we have chosen Stripe to handle the credit card payments as they use a 128-bit encryption. In a nutshell, your credit card is safer making online purchases than it is sitting in your wallet. We also have additional fraud security in place to provide as much protection as we possibly can.  

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